RuffWear Bivy Bota

$29.95 29.95

Minimize and simplify with the Bivy Bota, a canine-specific hydration system. This two-in-one design is a reservoir and a bowl, allowing you to carry and dispense water in a collapsible, trail-ready tool. The Bivy Bota has a capacity of 60 fl oz (1.8 L) and weighs 3.67oz (104g).

Ruffwear Inc. manufacturers outdoor gear for dogs so they can accompany active owners on their outdoor adventures. All products are made from fabrics and construction processes that are acceptable for outdoor environments. Ruffwear uses professional canine testers to receive feedback in order to improve its product development. Ruffwear sells dog apparel, toys, treats, leashes, beds, travel gear, dog safety gear and human apparel.

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