Specialized K-9 Immediate Care Kit

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Specialized K-9 Immediate Care Kit is full of supplies for K9 when you need to apply first-aid. All medical supplies come in bag for easy storage. Sold in Black, Coyote or ACU.

Specialized K-9 Immediate Care Kit includes:

* 7" Scissors *Digital Thermometer

*IV Catheter 22x1

*15dr/mL IV with Injection Site

*Forceps with Thumb Tissue 5-5.5"

*Porous Cloth Tape 1/2" *EMT Gel

*Povidone Iodine Prep.

*Alcohol Prep Pads

*Hydrocortisone Creme

*1/2 oz Betadine Solution

*Medium Cotton Balls

*Cotton Tip Applicator 3"

*3"x4.1 yds Non-Sterile Gauze

*Latex Gloves Large

*Tongue Depressor

*Instant Ice Pack

*Sterile Eye Wash

*Hydrogen Peroxide

*Chromic Gut Suture


*Utility N=Bandage Scissors 7.5"

*Cohesive Tape 4"

*SS Scalpel Blade

*Triple Antibiotic Ointment

*Small and large pouch inserts in a Medical Operator Customizable Waist Bag.

Available in Black, Coyote Brown and ACU.

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