Fun Nosework for Dogs

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Second Edition Teach your dog to enjoy using his nose for tracking people or lost articles, using scent discrimination with these "kind training" ideas.

Teach your dog to enjoy using his nose! While working as a Senior Police Dog Handling Instructor for the Metropolitan Police in London, Ray has had many occasions to depend on his dog's amazing scenting ability. Here he offers his many "kind training" ideas you can use to train your own dog. Tips for tracking people, finding lost articles, playing cards, scent discrimination from the kitchen cupboard and much more! In this revised edition, Roy has added: Your different scent locations, discriminating between body parts, playing with dominoes, using "choice" to your advantage, playing with chess pieces and more information on tracking. A best-seller! 116 pages, 7" x 8.5" softcover, illustrated. By Roy Hunter © 2003.

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