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An Introduction to Rally Style Obedience This book tells you all you need to know to get started in the Rally Style Obedience approach to dog obedience, how to judge Rally, how to set up a Rally trial and a full description of Rally classes and exercises.

Charles "Bud" Kramer is the originator of Rally Style Obedience, and his book tells all you need to know to get started in this fun approach to dog obedience. Rally is designed to be a style of obedience that emphasizes fun and excitement for the dog, handler and spectator, with a more "natural" flow to the performance. The handler and dog complete the course by reading a series of signs along the course and performing the exercise listed on each sign, without additional commands from the judge. Scoring is also designed to allow less "precision" than in traditional obedience. The book explains everything you need to know to set up a Rally trial, how to jude Rally, a full description of the Rally classes and exercises, details about the signs needed and course designs. 8.5" x 11" spiralbound softcover. By Charles "Bud" Kramer, Revised © 2004.

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