Clicker Fun

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Clicker Fun is a fun and practical new book, full of solid "clicker training" fundamentals. Teaching trick and games is a great way to introduce clicker training to your dog, or just to keep your obedience training fun and interesting for your dog.

The author is a psychologist, experienced obedience club instructor & training director, and owner of an obedience school.

Topics include:
Introduction to Operant Conditioning & Clicker Training
Fundamental Exercises & Skills
Tricks and Games

The book concludes with Lesson Plans for a 4-week "Clicks & Tricks Class", with instructor's guides and student homework sheets for each week. A great way to give students in your club or school the opportunity to "try" clicker training in a fun, short, 4-week class. This is an illustrated 104 page spiral bound soft cover book.

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