GoughNuts Green Ball

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GoughNuts Green Ball dog toy is 3" in diameter. The GoughNuts Green Ball is...

GoughNuts Green Ball dog toy is 3" in diameter. A good choice if you have a puppy. This is a great reward toy to play fetch with on land or water. Featuring a red safety indicator to let you know that the toy has been compromised and to discontinue its use. Green GoughNuts are for normal chewers and puppies. 

This is not a chew toy. Recommended toy for moderate chewers.
Made in the USA, GoughNuts specializes in making durable dog toys that are safe and fun to play with. Each toy is built with a patented safety indicator where green encourages play and red signals to stop. GoughNuts toys can be used for a variety of functions because they are durable, floatable, chewable, rollable, throwable, and recyclable.

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