British Style Slip Leashes

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Leash and collar al in one, popular for agility training yet handy for everyday use.  The leather slider keeps the collar loop from slipping off and gives you and easy release

British Style Slip Leashes are popular with agility trainers, but handy for any dog owner. Leash and collar all in one. The adjustable leather slide keeps the collar loop from slipping off, yet releases slightly when the lead is in a relaxed position.  British Style Slip Leash is a soft, solid-braid, polypropylene rope, with non-corrosive bright brass hardware and real leather to strengthen the splices. The 3/8" diameter is recommended for dogs under 50 lbs. The larger, 1/2" diameter is for dogs over 50 lbs. The small dog lead is 4 1/2' long and the others are available in 4 foot & 6 foot lengths.


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