Cool Bed III

$45.99 - $64.99
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The Cool Bed III keeps pets cooler than ever! No electricity is required to operate the award-winning Cool Bed III™. Attractively designed to allow a cool spot for dogs. Simply add water through the easy fill cap and adjust comfort with the easy air valve. Our unique cool core diverts liquid better than ever throughout the bed for advanced cooling power. Tough nylon/ vinyl exterior. Affordably priced, the Cool Bed III™ is the choice for any dog owner looking to offer their pet a comfy, dry, cool place to relax. The Cool Bed III is recommended for indoor and outdoor use. Two year limited warranty.

K&H Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of heated pet products in the U.S. Every year K&H releases new, innovative products perfect for pets. K&H is a vet & pet expert recommended company since its products are affordable, durable and beneficial. Some of the company's products provide warmth that gives pets therapeutic benefits. K&H's products are green and energy efficient with low wattage use and the foam is made from the materials of recycled bottles. K&H prides itself on keeping its products high quality and safety, as it works closely with MET Laboratory to ensure products are durable and safe.