K-9 and Dog Transport Trailers

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Large Multi-Dog Crate Carrier Need A Large K9 and Dog Transport Trailer? Look To JJ Dog Supplies For A Trailer Unit That Can Hold Up To 14 dogs.

Ray Allen Manufacturing's longtime friends at Vohne Liche Kennels have partnered with Riverside Travel Trailer to develop a K-9 and Dog Transport Trailer that will revolutionize this industry. Through extensive research of existing trailers and thorough interviews with experienced military, police and individuals that use tow-able kennels, they have identified and solved the deficiencies found in trailers sold today.

Several basic issues that have been addressed include:
*Poor ventilation and ineffective air conditioning systems
*Open kennel designs and potentially harmful trim and edges
*Poor or unsafe towing capabilities
*Difficulty in cleaning and disinfecting
*Poor service generator access and below floor wire protection
*Minimal to zero storage space.

In a nut shell by addressing these deficiencies through thoughtful design and engineering, Vohne Liche has developed in a line of K-9 and Dog Transport Vehicles that instantly make other units currently on the market, outdated and obsolete. With numerous additional options available on 4' or 8' wide trailers accommodating anywhere from 2 to 14 dogs, you're sure to find a solution to your K-9 transport needs.

Design features include either a single axle equipped with a special torsion suspension or tandem axle with spring suspension for an independent smooth ride. A steel powder-coated frame rides on 15" radial tires. Kennel doors incorporate an outer fiberglass layer and an inner all-aluminum welded cage with slam latch. Exterior includes an all-aluminum surface with baked-on polar white paint and color-matched trim and accessories. Glued on rubber roof is durable and strong enough to store gear on top with the optional roof rack. Other features include switched exterior lighting above each kennel and significant storage space through a sizable swing out door on the rear of the unit.

These units are made to order.<br

Kennel size ranges from 22" x 34" on the 4' wide trailers to 43" x 26" x 28" on the 8" wide units.

NOTE: This product cannot be purchased online. Please CALL 800.642.2050 TO ORDER. You can customize your unit, so ask us for a list of additional options for this K-9 transport.

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