Magnetic Course Map Clipboard by Clip and Go Agility

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The Magnetic Course Map Clipboard by Clip and Go Agility is the perfect tool to plan out your dog’s competition strategies. Organize your course maps at trials, design your own agility courses or "copy down" a course while at classes, seminars, or trials. The 9-3/4" x 14- 3/4" Magnetic Course Map Clipboard has an 80' by 100' agility grid facsimile (1"=10' scale) and comes with a large variety of magnetic course markers. The magnets stay securely in place, allowing you to turn the board upside down on a photocopier or scanner to make copies, while the vinyl cover allows you to make notes with a dry erase marker. A small bottom compartment conveniently stores your magnets, and a storage area inside the board can contain paper course maps, a dry erase marker and more. 

Please Note: Notebook paper not included.

Product Features:
  • Perfect organization tool for competition dog trainers.
  • Magnetic course markers included for quick course customization.
  • Includes storage area for maps, notes and markers.
  • Product Dimensions: 9¾ " x 14¾".