Alley Oop Freestanding Target

SKU: PM110

Alley Oop Freestanding Target | Dog Clicker Training | Easy to Use

When it comes to clicker dog training, the Alley Oop Freestanding Target is a vital tool. This freestanding target works perfectly on any surface, be it indoor or outdoor, and cannot be knocked down. After your dog’s nose touches the soft foam ball at the top, the Alley Oop Freestanding Target quickly rocks the target back to a vertical position. 

The Alley Oop is made of industrial strength rubber as well as steel and aluminum. The bottom of the target is filled with 12 oz. of custom poured led, ensuring years of use and accurate vertical placement. 

Benefits for Dog:
  • Soft foam target ball ensures dog is safe from injury. 
Benefits for Owner:
  • Easy to set up and virtually indestructible. 
Product Features:
  • Made with steel, aluminum and industrial strength rubber.
  • Led in base ensures the unit will always snap back to vertical position.