International Customers

J&J Dog Supplies is a brand known all over the world, and because of that, we wanted to provide our international customers a way to place orders on our website. We are proud to share that we are now capable of processing international orders online through Interpay and international shipping online through Zonos.

Please visit our Shipping Information page for more details. If you prefer, you can call one of our expert customer care representatives to process your request at +1(800) 642-2050.

International orders

When processing your order over the phone you will be required to pay via wire transfer. If processed using our online system, via Zonos, international customers may use PayPal, wire transfer, or any major international credit cards.

To use the Zonos feature, simply click on the flag located in the top of our website and select the appropriate flag for which you plan to have your order shipped to. When proceeding through the checkout process, Zonos will guide you through the steps to complete your order.

Best Friends Club

International customers are welcome and encouraged to take advantage of the J&J Dog Supplies rewards program "Best Friends Club". Please note, point totals for a purchase are determined based off of the retail price of the products sold. You will not receive points for shipping fees or taxes.

Example: If you buy a $100 USD product, and taxes and shipping amount to $80 USD, you will receive 10 points for every US dollar spent on product, or 1,000 Pup Points.

When redeeming Pup Points, please note: 

  • The "Free Shipping" reward only covers up to $9.99 standard shipping and, thus, cannot be applied to international orders. We do apologize for this inconvenience to our International Customers.
  • If choosing to redeem your Pup Points for a product ("Free Shirt", etc) the customer is still responsible for shipping, taxes and duties. 
  • All "Discount" rewards can be applied to your order. Be aware, we do have some products that are restricted from discounts
  • Rewards cannot be combined with other promotions or "stacked" for additional savings. 

International customers can use "Coupon Codes" and / or apply digital Gift Certificates to their order. 

To do so, you must apply the valid "Coupon Code" or "Gift Certificate" code(s), prior to the Zonos "Checkout" process.

Once you have selected any and all items that you are interested in purchasing, follow the step(s) below.

To apply either a "Coupon Code" or "Gift Certificate" code, you must first revert back to the US flag. Simply click on the country flag (located in the top left side of our website), and select the US flag option. Once the US conversion is complete, click on the image that looks like a shopping cart (top right of our website), and select the "View Cart" button (not the "Checkout Now" button). On this page, you will see an option for "Gift Certificate" and "Coupon Code". Add the valid alpha-numeric "Gift Certificate" code, and click "Apply". The value of the gift certificate should show up, deducted from your "Grand Total" (yes, this is currently displayed in US Dollars, and that is correct). 

From the same screen, without clicking any other buttons and just above where you added the "Gift Certificate" code you can also apply a valid "Coupon Code" (whether it is for a product, a discount, or a promotion). Once the valid code is added, click "Apply". You should now see the coupon applied, with the value deducted from the "Grand Total". Do not click on "Checkout Now" just yet.

At this point, if you have no other digital "Gift Certificates" or "Coupon Codes" (you are only allowed to use up to 1 "Coupon Code" per order), you can then re-select the flag appropriate (destination of your shipment). Simply click on the country flag (located in the top left side of our website), and select the shipping destination's country flag. Once converted, you should see the "Grand Total" in the currency of that country (you will no longer see the "Gift Certificate" deduction, but the "Grand Total" will reflect that the gift certificate was in fact already applied).

You are now ready to proceed to the next step of the checkout process. Click on the "Checkout" button to be directed through the Zonos process, to complete the international customer shipping and payment details.


Please note: All international orders must have a billing address that matches the "ship to" address.

Please contact our customer support (+1(800) 642-2050) with any questions regarding our International Customer policies.