Anxiety Wrap

Company of Animals


The Anxiety Wrap by Company of Animals is a pressure wrap for dogs that hugs their body to apply even and gentle pressure in order to help relax your pet. Fear, insecurity and anxiety can increase unwanted behaviors in dogs and the Anxiety Wrap has been scientifically proven to decrease these triggers. The wrap is flexible, lightweight and maintains pressure so that your dog can freely and comfortably move. It features patented calming straps to relieve stresses that are found in the hindquarters. 

If your dog gets anxious around loud noises, also consider the Mutt Muffs.

The Company of Animals was created by world renowned animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979. The organization's purpose is to manufacture products that improve the lives of pets and owners. The Company of Animals is headquartered in England and features a Training and Behavior Center that is widely regarded as the one of the best in the country.

  • Toy: 10-12.5" chest circumference
  • XXSmall: 12-16.5" circumference
  • XSmall: 14-19" circumference
  • Small: 16.5-21" circumference
  • Medium: 19.5-26" circumference
  • Large: 25.5-34.5" circumference
  • XLarge: 32-39.5" circumference
Product Features:
  • Applies gentle and even pressure to decrease anxiety and stress in dogs.
  • Decreases stressful triggers that can lead to unwanted behavior.
  • Patented calming strips give extra stress relief to the hindquarter area.
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear.