Assist Harness Accessories

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$10.99 - $27.99

Ray Allen Modular Handle Harness was created to provided stability support if needed and a removable handle if it is not needed. The harness features load rated webbing that is the chest strap. The webbing runs through to the D-ring that sits on the back of the harness. The D-ring is load rated as well as the slider on the chest strap. There are two belly straps with Fastex clips to adjust for a secure fit.

The side of the harness is equipped with Velcro to accommodate your placard. If you do not have an embroidered id we can customize one for you. On one side of the harness there is a pouch that allows you to put small items in it. It is snug so that your items will not easily fall from the pouch easily. The other side of the harness has a zipper pocket that allows for more security of important items.

The top of the harness has a 4" piece of Velcro patch that can hold your id panel or one of our Velcro bags. The Fleece Pad is a great accessory for this harness.

Handle Sizes Available: 8", 10" and 12".
Handle sleeve depth is 4" and 1 1/2" wide.