Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Dog Blanket

Back on Track

$78.99 - $108.99

The Therapeutic Mesh Dog Blanket was made with all dogs in mind. Constructed from a breathable mesh material with an inside lining made from Welltex fabric and ceramic powder the blanket uses your dog's natural body heat to create warmth that soothes your dogs body. The blanket works to reduce inflammation and blood circulation which reduces aches and pains allowing your dog to be active more often. Featuring lacing at the front of the blanket, you can easily adjust it to fit a good comfort level for your dog. The wrap around belly strap will keep the blanket in place for when you want to use it when your dog is active. It also includes blanket reflectors on each side to increase visibility. We recommend that for the first 2-3 days you only let your dog wear the blanket for a maximum of 4 hours.

Sizing: To measure for size, please measure your dog from the collar to the base of the tail while standing.
Small: 9 1/2"-18"
Medium: 16"-24"
Large: 24"-32"
XLarge: 30" to 35"<