Clix Target Stick

Company of Animals

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Clix Target Stick | Dog Obedience Training | J&J Dog Supplies

The Clix Target Stick is the perfect choice for engaging your dog in clicker training. The wand extends to 28" and features a soft rubber bulb on the end, allowing you to easily guide your dog. When retracted the stick is 5.5" so it is easy and light to carry when you are on the go. The Clix Target Stick allows you to easily teach your dog all of the training techniques you want, no matter where you are! 

The Company of Animals was created by world renowned animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979. The organization's purpose is to manufacture products that improve the lives of pets and owners. The Company of Animals is headquartered in England and features a Training and Behavior Center that is widely regarded as the one of the best in the country.

Product Features:
  •  Lightweight and easy to retract for convenient storage and transportation.
  • Great basic tool for numerous dog training applications.
  • Product Dimensions: 28” when extended, 5.5” when retracted.