Covert Pinch Collars

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$64.99 - $71.99

Covert Pinch Collars | Durable Dog Collar | J&J Dog Supplies

The all-new Covert Pinch collar features 8 or 10 3.2mm pinch links, all of which are neatly hidden in a T13 Mil-Spec webbing nylon collar. The collar of the Covert Pinch collar includes a convenient 9" Velcro strip allowing for the addition of ID panels. On top of that, this high-quality collar showcases the mini CobraFM with an 800lb working capacity and a martingale-style adjustable closure. The Covert collar is available in Black and Coyote colors. For simpler, every-day pinch collars, be sure to check out the Ray Allen Pinch Collar

The Covert Dog Collar does have a patent and is made exclusively for Ray Allen Manufacturing.

  • 8-Prong Covert Collar: adjustable from 16" - 22"
  • 10-Prong Covert Collar: adjustable from 20" - 26"
Product Features:
  • Two sizes, 8 or 10 3.2mm pinch links.
  • Made from high-quality T13 Mil-Spec webbing nylon. 
  • 9” Velcro strip included for ID badges and panels.
  • Features a durable and adjustable 800lb working-capacity CobraFM buckle.
  • Available Colors: Black, Coyote.