Friendly Dog Awareness Leash

J&J Dog Supplies

$5.99 - $6.99

The Awareness Leash by Friendly Dog provides an easy way to let other people and dog owners if it's safe to approach you and your dog. Each leash is brightly colored nylon with large embroidered letters that are easily seen from a distance. The leashes measure 1"W x 47"L with the warning massage embroidered three times on each side. 

  • No Dogs - Orange - Not Good with other dogs
  • Nervous - Yellow - Dog may be unpredictable
  • Training - Blue - In Training, Do not disturb
  • Deaf Dog - White - Dog has limited hearing
  • Do Not Feed - Purple - Do Not Feed dog
  • Service Dog - Blue - Dog Working, Do not disturb
  • Working Dog - Blue - Working Dog, Do not disturb