Gary Wilkes' Mega-Click

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$4.99 - $13.99
SKU: PM130-P

Easy Use Clicker | Dog Training Clicker | Assorted Colors

Mega-Click Dog Training Clicker is another product from Gary Wilkes. The Gary Wilkes' Mega-Click top-quality dog training clicker has an elastic "finger loop" and a raised button, which allows it to be used even when wearing gloves. Simply slip the loop over your finger or thumb, and your clicker is always at the "ready" position. Gary Wilkes' Mega-Click comes in assorted colors (no selection - shipped randomly).

Product Features:
  • Top-quality dog training clicker
  • Comes with an elastic "finger loop" and raised button
  • Use even when wearing gloves
  • Comes in assorted colors (no selection - shipped randomly)
Available Quantities:
  • Single
  • 3-Pack