Gary Wilkes' Target Stick

SKU: PM105

Gary Wilkes' Target Stick | Dog Training Tool | Multi-Use

The Gary Wilkes' Target Stick takes dog training to the next level by using the dog's natural visual abilities to teach precision behaviors. Made from heavy-duty steel, this professional quality tool is  tough enough to use with dogs of any size, and the telescoping sections feature locking tabs to prevent it from collapsing in use.

The Gary Wilkes' Target Stick is perfect for training your dog in off-lead heel, agility movements, object naming and teaching "finish". Like all of Gary Wilkes' products, it is made to last for many years and satisfies his top standards for effectiveness and durability. 

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Product Features:
  • Made of heavy-duty steel for years of use.
  • Telescoping sections feature locking tabs for easy storage and durability when in use. 
  • Perfect tool for a variety of dog training techniques.
  • Roughly 14" long, when collapsed, and up to 35" in length, when fully extended.