Halti Harness

Company of Animals

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The Halti Harness was designed to be more durable than a leash and give the owner more control by using front control to stop a dog from pulling. The harness allows an owner to steer the dog from its shoulders and chest in the direction they want. It does not put unbearable pressure on your dog. The harness features a back ring that acts as a break and a front ring the helps to steer. It is specially padded to keep dogs comfortable and appeal to all breeds. With the ring on the front you can attach a dog collar to increase security.


To fit please measure the circumference of you dog's chest an inch or two behind the armpits.
Small: 14-21.5"
Medium: 22-30"
Large: 30.5-40"

Back in 1979, The Company of Animals was created by Dr. Roger Mugford who is now a world renowned animal psychologist. The organization's purpose is to manufacture products that improve the lives of pets and owners. At its headquarters the Company of Animals has a Training and Behavior Center that is regarded on of the best in England. Here all levels of dog training, behavior consultations, and the settling of pet legal issues happen making it a great place for continuous research and development. The organization also distributes products from other brands like Nina Ottosson's interactive games. Some of the products they sale include muzzles, car accessories, treats, feeders, and training collars.