Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper

Hyper Pet

SKU: HP47900

Durable toy | Made for all environments | Safe for dogs

Say good-bye to chewed up plastic frisbees, and say hello to the Hyper Pet Flippy Flopper! Made from durable nylon and soft rubber, this is the perfect toy for fetch or even light tug-of-war. Even better, the Flippy Flopper can float, making it the perfect dog toy to take to the lake. 

Benefits for Dog
  • Soft rubber and durable nylon are safe and easy on your pup’s teeth.
Benefits for Owner
  • Won’t be easily chewed up like most plastic and hard rubber frisbees.
Product Features
  • Made for water use, making it perfect for lake or snow use.
  • Built around Children’s Toy Standards.
Green, Black