Impact Case Stationary Dog Crate

Impact Crates

$649.99 - $899.99

The Stationary Crate is 20% lighter than comparable crates and features 3/8" round bars welded with a cross bar for stability. Made from American-made high quality .063 aluminum with a powder coated finish, this heavy duty crate will help reflect heat away from your K9. The marine grade slam latch and hardware features a no hassle close, providing optimal security for your pet. The larger, rounded square vent holes and door openings allow increased airflow. The welded, rivet construction has composite corners for impact-protection and the ability to stack multiple crates. This IATA compliant crate features larger airline rails and easy carry handles. Assembly is required, except for ICAS-400-G. The 400 Gray Model comes fully assembled.

The 400 model measures 34.5" Length x 28.5" Width x 25" Height.
The 450 model measures 40.5" Length x 28.5" Width x 25" Height.

If your dog has anxiety issues and you need something different, please call us at 800-444-0404 to see what options are available.

Oversize shipping charge is $25.00 for the 400 Tan Model, $30 for the 450 Tan Model and $175.00 for the 400 and 450 Gray Models for delivery in the Continental U.S.
Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories for the 450 Gray Model requires a $350.00 oversize shipping charge. All other models are unavailable for delivery to these areas.