Julius K9 Powerharness

$26.99 - $59.99
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The IDC Powerharness from Julius K9 is a multi-functional harness for everyday use. Ergonomically designed with the chest strap placement that minimizes pressure on the leash. The Powerharness has velcro on the sides for you to customize your harness with patches, the Powerharness comes with a complete pair of fluorescent JULIUS-K9 patches that glow in the dark. Available in Black, Blue, and Red; 5 different sizes.

*Breathable, skin friendly liner
*Heavy Duty Buckles
*Reflective edges and chest strap
*Handle lock-helps prevent handle getting caught on tree branches and brush
*Hand wash and air dry

NOTE: Due to the size of the harness, Baby 1 and Baby 2 DO NOT come with handles.

Baby 1 - Girth 11-14 inches; Weight  2-6.5 lbs.
Baby 2 - Girth 13-17.5 inches; Weight 11 lbs.
Mini-Mini - Girth 15.5-21 inches; Weight 15.5 lbs.
Mini - Girth 19.5-26.5 inches; Weight 15.3-33 lbs.
Size 0 - Girth 23-30 inches; Weight 31-55 lbs.
Size 1 - Girth 25-33.5 inches; Weight 50.5-66 lbs.
Size 2 - Girth 28-38 inches; Weight 61.5-88 lbs.
Size 3 - Girth 32.5-45.5 inches; Weight 88-154 lbs.
Size 4 - Girth 38-54 inches; Weight 154-198 lbs

To properly measure girth for your dog Place 4 fingers behind the front legs to find where to measure the chest (girth) for harness