KONG™ Ball with Rope

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The KONG™ Ball with Rope adds KONG™ products to an age old dog toy. The KONG™ ball with rope makes a game of fetch easy and fun, and it can also be used for fun games of tug. The rope colors and style may vary from the image. The KONG™ ball with rope is proudly made in the USA.

Now an internationally recognized company, KONG™ developed from founder, Joe Markham's struggle to keep his dog Fritz entertained and away from harmful items he liked to chew on. KONG™'s products are made from pet-safe and durable rubber that gives an erratic bounce to keep your dog engaged all day long. KONG™ dog toys provide multiple functions like bouncing, stuffing, and throwing. KONG™'s products indlude rubber toys, plush toys, knots, treats, wubba friends, interactive toys, air toys, and collars.