Practijumps - PVC Agility Broad Jumps

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$74.99 - $214.99
SKU: AG512-P

Practijumps PVC Agility Broad Jumps | Dog Competiton Training

Lightweight and durable, the 5’ Practijumps PVC Agility Broad Jumps are a less expensive training version of the competition jumps. Each section is made from weather-resistant, furniture-grade PVC and has a contrasting blue color painted on each end for increased visibility. The freestanding corner markers are also made from furniture grade PVC and come with striped bars.

The PVC Agility Jumps is available as a full set that includes the corner markers or just the jumps. PVC Corner markers are available as a set of 4 and include the poles. Ready to take your dog’s agility competing to the next level? Check out our Competition Agility Broad Jumps!

Product Features:
  • Affordable and lightweight, perfect for easing your dog into agility training and competing.
  • Blue markings on either side of jumps allow for increased dog visibility.
  • Full set includes four corner markers and jumps.
  • Colors: Blue and White jumps, Green, Red, Blue, Yellow and White corner markers.

Note: Oversize shipping charge is $35.00 in the Continental U.S. except for the "Corners Only", which has a $10.00 oversize shipping charge in the Continental U.S. Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories requires a $200.00 oversize shipping charge, except for the "Corners Only", which has a $100 charge.

Made in USA