RAM Mesh Muzzle

Ray Allen Manufacturing


RAM Mesh Muzzle for Dogs | Ultra Adjustable | Comfortable

The RAM Mesh Muzzle is an ultra adjustable and breathable dog muzzle. Unlike most average grooming mesh muzzles, the RAM muzzle is constructed from durable, working quality Cordua and lightweight mesh. It can be adjusted numerous ways around your dog’s nose area, and can even be adjusted enough to allow your dog to drink water and pant while still prohibiting barking and biting. 

Please Note: While the RAM Mesh Muzzle is adjustable in a variety of ways, it may not be the right fit for dogs who pant a lot. For more Muzzle options, be sure to check out our Baskerville Ultra Muzzle for additional panting freedom. 

Product Features:
  • Ultra adjustable and breathable for optimal comfort.
  • Made from a durable Cordua for working-class dogs. 
  • Easy to put on and adjust.
Black, Coyote, Ranger Green
Made in USA