Ray Allen Dog Products

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Ray Allen now has a trio of self-branded grooming and soothing products to help keep your dog clean and comfortable. All three items sold in 8 oz. bottles.

Ray Allen's Dry Shampoo

This dry shampoo designed for dogs is a ready to use, waterless cleaner. A great "on-the-go" spot cleaner that will remove dirt and organic matter from the coat without the use of soap or detergent. It can be used on dogs that are treated with a topical flea preventative. Mild apple scent.

Ray Allen's Ear Cleaner

Made with the finest ingredients found in nature, the Ear Cleaner is an effective and therapeutic treatment of ear odor and inflammation due to ear mite infestation.

Ray Allen's Hot Spot Anti-Itch Spray

The Hot Spot spray soothes your dog, using natural ingredients. This remedy, without steroids, is designed to relieve burning and itching from hot spots, flea bite allergy, food allergies and grass fungus. It will not leave the coat, or skin, greasy or sticky.

Made in USA