Ruffwear Lunker



Ruffwear Lunker | Soft Fetch Dog Toy For Both Water and Land

The RuffWear Lunker is a soft, stuffed fabric toy that is great for fetch and tug on both water and land. Made with recycled materials and the kernmantle rope lanyard makes it easy to throw long distances. Ruffwear partners with PLUSfoam Compound Technologies to produce Lunkers with a center core made from recycled foam. The Lunker measures 2.5 inches x 12 inches

Product Features:
  • Soft, stuffed fabric toy
  • Great for fetch and tug on both water and land
  • Made with recycled materials and has a kernmantle rope lanyard making it easy to throw long distances
  • Center core made from recycled foam
  • Measures 2.5" x 12"