Sika Flex Seam Sealer


The SikaFlex-227 Seam Sealant and Adhesive creates the performance of a one-piece floor by acting as a bonding agent that will waterproof flooring seams, and will be as flexible as the rubber it bonds. You may also run the adhesive under the seams and perimeter to keep liquids from getting under the flooring and causing sanitation and odor problems.

SikaFlex is available in a 10.3 oz size for use with commercial grade caulking guns. To bond the rubber together there must be a 1/4" gap between seams for adhesive to adequately penetrate adjacent pieces. To seal seams for waterproofing, sealant should be applied post-installation and applied thinly only to the seams. Either application must be allowed to cure for 48 hours prior to use. To assure a strong bond, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the edges of the mats by steam cleaning with a mild dish detergent or wiping with a denatured alcohol. Allow the mats to completely dry prior to applying sealant.