Silver Shade Mesh Exercise Pen Covers

$29.99 - $79.99

Silver Shade Mesh Pen Cover | Cools Dog Pen | J&J Supplies

Save your pup from outdoor heat with the Silver Shade Mesh Exercise Pen Cover! Most shade tarps absorb the sun’s rays and generate heat that actually gets trapped inside the pen. The Silver Shade avoids this with its high-grade mesh reflective fabric which acts like a mirror. This material reflects sun rays away while still facilitating a cool air flow leading to decreases in temperatures by up to 20%!

The Silver Shade Pen Cover’s fabric is durable, lightweight, easy to use, and rot and mold resistant. it won't flake or unravel and can easily be washed with a simple garden hose. 

Product Features:

  • High-grade reflective material actually reflects harmful rays away from dog pen.
  • Lightweight yet highly durable and easy to wash.
  • Available in different sizes:  4' x 4'; 6' x 6'; or 6'x 10'.