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K9 Nose Work Video Diary | Dog Scent Training | Professional Training

Follow the progress of a K9 Nose Work Team, featuring Parker (dog) and Christy (handler) in this unique video diary. Applying the skills learned at a K9 Nose Work workshop presented by professional detection handlers and founders of the National Association of Canine Scent Work, Christy videotaped her training sessions with Parker spanning an eight-month period. Through this fun, informative and inspirational process, we see the positive results for both Christy and Parker. This well-edited video allows you to see the learning process in action and benefit from voice-over commentary and observations provided by one of the co-founders of the sport, Ron Gaunt. You will learn simple things you can do to get your dog started training in K9 Nose Work, common mistakes that can be avoided by simple awareness, how to make learning this sport fun for both canine and human partners, and many of the terms and concepts used in the activity. 41 minutes. By NASCW and Christy Waehner © 2012.

Product Features:
  • Teaches your K9 proper nose work
  • Presented by professional detection handlers 
  • Training sessions with PArker spanning an eight-month period
  • 41 minutes long
Made in USA