Tracking From the Ground Up

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Tracking From the Ground Up | Guided Dog Training Program

Tracking From the Ground Up features an all-inclusive tracking program for dogs, from the most elementary TD lessons through highly acclaimed TDX methods. Authors Sandy Ganz and Susan Boyd have 40 years of combined experience as dog handlers and instructors. Their valuable experience makes this book easy to read and follow, with real life examples of what kind of training works and what doesn’t in AKC tracking. 

The first of its kind, Tracking From the Ground Up includes step-by-step instruction in track laying, puppy training, alternative methods and test preparation. The proven eight-week tracking program is practical and easy to follow. Motivational techniques, problem solving and proper dog handling are detailed from the first day of training through single-flag starts, multiple articles, cross-tracks and obstacles. 

154 pages, 5.5" x 8.5" softcover, illustrated. By Sandy Gans and Susan Boyd ©1992.

Product Features:
  • Details highly acclaimed training methods that are proven to work. 
  • Authors bring 40 years of combined experience, making this program easy to follow. 
  • Covers a variety of dog tracking techniques including motivational techniques to problem solving.