WINPRO® Training and Recovery Performance Health Products

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Use seasonally during training for stamina and recovery.

Competition dogs struggle with the stresses of travel, noise, unfamiliar situations and more, and each of these stressors can negatively affect their performance. WINPRO® chews keep your dog at peak efficiency, helping to improve their immunity, focus, mobility, endurance, training and recovery — and WINPRO® works fast! Many see the difference in their dogs health within a few days.

The WINPRO Training Dog Chews are specifically formulated to enhance canine cardiovascular function and oxygen utilization. They support performance, endurance and recovery in hard working dogs and help keep man’s best friend in peak condition during times of increased activity.

WINPRO Training Dog Chews helps with field training and performance while supporting physical endurance, stamina and recovery.

WINPRO® Performance Supplements are powered by K-Thrive — a unique blend of highly concentrated animal blood proteins — that has a lasting effect on gut health. Our soft chews help dogs feel their best, perform better and recover faster.

WINPRO® functional dog chews are powered by WINPRO® K-Thrive Formula D, an active ingredient made with a proprietary blend of animal blood proteins and other key ingredients designed to help your dog thrive and perform to his potential. The animal blood proteins in the K-Thrive Formula D are collected humanely and hygienically, and processed only in USDA-inspected pork processing facilities located throughout the American Midwest. Dogs love the taste of our all-natural soft chews, which can be given once daily to help maintain peak condition, and twice daily when your dog is experiencing stress or intense activity.

WINPRO® chews can help your dog in the following areas:

  • Better Brain Function - For a calmer, more focused dog especially during times of stress.
  • Healthy GI Tract - A dog who gets sick less has more energy and can perform longer at a higher level.
  • Healthy Cartilage & Joints - For longer stride length, better range of motion, and improved lateral movement.
  • Healthy Skeletal Muscle System - Improves speed, endurance, and effort efficiency.
  • Strong Respiratory System - Provides sustained effort and quicker recovery.

WINPRO® chews are available in 60-count or 360-count sizes.

WINPRO® products help reduce inflammation by improving nature’s natural defense against stress. WINPRO® products has been shown to help dogs with these stress-related issues: separation, restraint, travel, noise, changes in diet, pathogens and toxins, trauma, infection, other dogs, crowding, confinement and competition. WINPRO® products can also help your dog with health problems like constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, ovexcitedness, lack of focus, lethargy, swelling, pain, irregular breathing, extended recovery and the inability to perform.

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