1-TDC Joint and Muscle Supplement 90 count

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The 1TDC™ Joint & Muscle Health Supplement is an excellent way to provide ongoing systemic support to muscles and joints for everyone from high school athletes to senior citizens. The capsules provide an easy-to-use solution for addressing those nagging muscle and joint issues, whether from simply aging, past injuries or excessive use training, competition, work or play.

  • Provides complete body soothing relief you can feel
  • Cushions and lubricates joints
  • Provides improved mobility and a higher quality of life
  • Clinically tested, published in respected peer-reviewed medical journals
  • Expect results in 2-4 weeks
  • Dosage First 30 days: 3 softgels in the morning and 3 softgels in the evening, thereafter, maintenance dose: 3 soft gels in the morning