2019 AKC Rally Trainer's Workbook 6.0

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ACK Rally Trainer Workbook | 2019 Update | J&J Dog Supplies

The 2019 AKC Rally Trainer's book is an essential tool for rally trainers. This book contains courses that are designed to be easily used by trainers in classes of various sizes and by students of all levels. Each session covers all of the signs for Novice, Advanced and Master sessions, with the ability to learn Novice signs in 6 weeks. You have the option of teaching all of the signs in 6-12 weeks with both large and small courses to ensure an accurate training timeline. 

The 2019 AKC Rally Trainer’s Workbook 6.0 includes: 

Product Features
  • Can be used in various class sizes and by students of all skill levels
  • Meets all 2019 AKC standards
  • Teach signs in 6-12 weeks
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