Biothane Lead

Ray Allen Manufacturing

$28.99 - $32.99
SKU: 8572-P

Durable Biothane | All Weather Dog Leash | Leather Alternative

The Biothane Lead is impervious to water and ice and is fully functional in any conditions or terrain. As a durable leather alternative, they are easy to clean and mildew resistant. If the lead drops into a puddle, lake, or river just grab it and go!

These 6 foot leads are thoroughly tested by professional dog handlers and trainers - requiring no maintenance, while remaining clean of stickers, thorns and goatheads.

Product Features
  • Fully functional in any condition or terrain
  • Tested by professional dog handlers and trainers
  • Durable, long lasting leather alternative
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Mildew resistant
  • Made in USA
Available Widths
  • 6' x 1/2" wide (500-pound tensile strength)
  • 6' x 3/4" wide (750-pound tensile strength)
Made in USA
Coyote, Gray, Orange, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, Hunter Green, Neon Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple
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