Braided Biothane Tabs

Ray Allen Manufacturing

SKU: 3733-P
No Slip Grip | Off Leash Training | Mildew Resistant
The Braided Biothane Tabs are used for obedience and off-leash training of your dog. Made with waterproof, easy to clean, mildew-free 1/2" wide biothane. The leather alternative provides a better grip in all weather conditions, and the braided feature allows you to firmly grab ahold of the tab when needed. The length of each tab is approximately 8", from the tip of the bolt snap to the end of the tab. The "tails" are riveted together for durability, to prevent the tab from coming unbraided.
Training tabs are useful for corrections while training your dog off-leash. Popular with working dog teams and service dog owners, these tabs are recommended to be used in conjunction with a leash. They allow the handler to quickly transition the dog from "on-leash" to "off-leash", leaving the tab attached to the dog for quick retrieval/reconnection and close work. 
Product Features
  • Tab is 8" long, from tip-to-tip
  • Braided portion of tab is 7/8" wide
  • Made from 1/2" Biothane
  • Made in USA
Benefits To Handler
  • Biothane is a leather alternative, great for all weather conditions
    • Waterproof
    • Mildew resistant
    • Will not hold an odor
  • Useful for quick corrections while training your dog off-leash
  • Riveted end to prevent from unbraiding
Benefits to Dog
  • Non-intrusive, goes unnoticed
  • Discrete size prevents entanglement
  • ideal for comfortable off-leash training
Made in USA
Black, Gray, Coyote, Red, Blue, Sky Blue, Teal, Hunter Green, Neon Green, Lime Green, Pink, Purple
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