Featured Paws: Kimberley Chisholm & Hawkeye

Featured Paws: Kimberley Chisholm & Hawkeye

Mar 19th 2021

Kimberley Chisholm & Hawkeye

Handler & Trainer // Agility Dog

"This post is in honor of a dog that has passed. Hawkeye was a 'foster fail' from the Humane Society. A Heeler Mix that always had lots of energy and was smart as a whip. We never competed, but we did agility for fun in classes and at home. We purchased this tunnel to practice and keep the fun going. When I look at this photo, I can see that he is saying "Fly ball or Agility... I can do it all!""

Their Gear: "We purchased your Competition Agility Tunnel and your sandbags because my agility instructor said you have excellent, durable products. I can now vouch for that, too. Also, we love supporting a local business."

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