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Weekly Paws

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— Your Name & Your Dog

Dog Lover, Agility Trainer


"When we got Akira at 6.5 months old off of a rehoming post on facebook we weren’t really looking for a sport dog. We just wanted another Husky, we love high energy breeds and they match our lifestyle perfectly. We got her and she was so shy of people she bolted in fear when people walked by us. My trainer and close friend Kelly recommended..."

—Suzie & Akira

Trainer // Competitor


" Stella has never been the most well behaved puppy, but always a love. Her energy even at 8 years old is more like a pup, but you wouldn't know it by these pics..."

—Michele Kennedy & Stella

Owner // Companion


" Our journey started with positive reinforced training methods. Training the trainer and learning how to build the relationship I wanted with my dog was the first objective. Eichler’s wiggley butt, enthusiasm and smile kept me motivated. He was my positive reinforcement and that’s how I knew we were on the right track. After the sits ...."

—Jose' Rodriguez & Eichler

Owner/Trainer // Competition Dog


" I belong to an organization that considers service dogs so important that it is our international project. I began looking into the availability of service dogs in my home state, and was appalled to learn how far away most folks would have to go (or how much $$ they'd need) to get a service dog. I decided to take rescue dogs and train them to be service dogs ...."

—Cheryl Fisher & Petra

Service Dog Trainer // Service Dog


" Bullitt is a 2 year old athletic Hungarian Vizsla that loves to try everything. He worked hard to attain his Champion Canine Conditioning Fitness Title, and he has an Advanced Trick Dog Title ...."

— Jessica Bimmerman & Bullitt

Trainer // Agility


" I have all of the obedience jumps and they make training for competition so much easier. We are working towards our RACH (AKC Rally Championship) ...."

— Heather Tetzlaff & Knightro

Trainer // Rally


"Murray is my first dog that I have trained and competed in Obedience with. Even though we had limited shows last year to compete, we were able to get his CDX title and a High GSP in Trial at our GSPCMN Winter Specialty show..."

— Maria Schaal & Murray

Handler & Trainer // Obedience & Rally


"This post is in honor of a dog that has passed. Hawkeye was a 'foster fail' from the Humane Society. A Heeler Mix that had lots of energy and smart as a whip. We did agility for fun in classes and at home. We purchased this tunnel to practice at home and keep the fun going. In this photo it looks like he is saying "Fly ball or Agility....i can do it all!..."

— Kimberley Chisholm & Hawkeye

Handler & Trainer // Agility Dog


"I've always wanted to do Agility with a dog. I tried with one of our puppy Irish Wolfhounds. She loved her little tunnel, but in puppy class she fell off the 3' dog walk (I caught her). It scared me, so we put that aside and did conformation and Rally. After 50 years of being "in" dogs, I have an Agility Miniature American Shepherd. We're learning together and practice all we can at home on our mostly built & bought equipment. ...."

— Cathy Lursen & Conley

Handler // Agility Dog


"Thor, weighing in at 1.1 lbs at birth, was the only puppy from my Newfoundland's litter of puppies... I've embarked on the challenge of raising a singleton puppy into a successful dog. At 10 weeks old, he loves all the agility gear as it builds his confidence and balance. His large stature may require a second dog walk to make a wider pathway as he continues his fun-filled training...."

— Jolene Ford

Handler & Breeder // Service Dog


"Before she died, mom bought me a rescue dog, a living memorial of her eternal love for me. This wasn’t just any rescue dog. Baldwin turned out to be a Puli, part of the herding group, a high-octane ball of fluff. After I brought him home I realized he needed a job. I learned Pulix are sheepherders from their native Hungary, marveled at pictures of them driving hundreds of sheep from one spot to the other, their dreadlocks flying. I immediately signed up for sheep herding lessons, agility classes, canine freestyle, obedience training and just about every dog sport I could find..."

— Susan Hartzler & Baldwin

Handler // Therapy Dog


"Rally is my first love, having earned Master and RAE titles on both my Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Turner and Nicki. With the pandemic our opportunities to train and compete were mostly shut down. So J & J Dog Supplies became our go-to place to buy Rally signs and holders to continue practicing in our backyard. I also started training my dogs in the more socially-distant Scent Work, and J & J Dog Supplies was the only place I found that carried a complete Scent Work kit..."

— Sherrie & Turner & Nicki

Trainer & Handler // Rally & Scent Work


"This is JesseBelle, She just turned 12 years old and still very active in the dog sport world of Agility & Rally. We have participated at a variety of shows. We were so lucky to be chosen to show case in the large dog agility at the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge and qualified to stand on the podium..."

— Cindy & JesseBelle

Trainer & Handler // Agility & Rally Athlete


"My dogs love competing in agility with me. I started agility when I retired, as well as some other dog sports, which included herding, scent work, tricks and therapy dog certification. We have progressed from disqualifying agility runs to High in Trials, and to ultimately making top dog on one of UKC’s AGILITY All Star lists in 2020..."

— Cheryl Johnson & Red & Lily

Agility Trainer // Therapy Dog


"This is my best friend and partner William. He just turned 13 this year but he still has lots of life left in him. Through the years he's been the absolute best partner and teammate. We participated in a variety of dog sports and accumulated many titles in multiple different venues including ..."

— Laurie Williams & William


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