Featured Paws: Vicky Woodruff & Ellie

Featured Paws: Vicky Woodruff & Ellie

May 7th 2022

J&J Dog Supplies: Weekly Paws Winner - Vicky Woodruff & Ellie

Vicky Woodruff & Ellie
Handler // Obedience & Rally Dog

"I have struggled with a medical condition for over 12 years and it has limited and impacted my independence. When I got Ellie all I saw was another adorable golden retriever. After all, we have raised them for years and my goals were for another fun loving family member. So, there she is, Ellie at a year old.

When I first started working her on obedience, I began to notice what a special dog I had. She had a maturity and calmness I hadn’t seen in my past Goldens. We worked with our trainer who had nothing but good things to say about J&J Dog Supplies. So, without much hesitation, we ordered collarsleashes, and other training materials. We are soon going to begin Rally and will be looking into additional equipment. The Obedience and Rally training is fun but it also serves as a solid foundation.

It is my hope that Ellie will be successful and potentially work toward her Service Dog certification. If Ellie can make it as a Service Dog then it may mean a level of independence and freedom that I could only dream of. If she isn’t fit for the job I look forward to a dog that I can compete with. Getting Ellie involved in obedience and competing has been a great way for me to make friends and become a part of a community. A community that trusts J&J for quality products to train our dogs."

Their Gear:
"Leather Leash, which is comfortable and stylish. The Biothane Leash because it holds up under any conditions and is incredibly strong, easy to wash, and easier to hold than most nylon leashes. We have bought dozens of the slip leads in different sizes to help with my training. We have also used additional equipment - like their Dumbbells as we work on Rally, and we picked up a Wobble Board to work on balance and confidence."

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J&J Dog Supplies: Weekly Paws Winner - Vicky Woodruff & Ellie