Clix No-Bark Collar

Company of Animals

$33.99 - $39.99

Clix No-Bark Collar | Painless for Dogs | Dissuades Barking

The Clix No-Bark Collar is a great pain-free alternative to keep your dog from barking. Instead of emitting shocks, the Clix No-Bark Collar uses vibrations and/or high-pitched sounds, whichever your dog is more responsive to. The collar also includes several levels of sensitivity to help curb barking if your dog gets too used to one particular setting. Furthermore, the Clix No-Bark Collar collar can differentiate between a one-off bark and multiple barks, so the vibration response will always fit the situation. The small size features low and high sensitivity and the large size features low, medium and high sensitivity. 

The Company of Animals was created by world renowned animal psychologist Dr. Roger Mugford in 1979. The organization's purpose is to manufacture products that improve the lives of pets and owners. The Company of Animals is headquartered in England and features a Training and Behavior Center that is widely regarded as the one of the best in the country. 

Product Features:
  • Sizing: Small (necks between 9” to 16” circumference, Large (necks between 15” to 27” circumference). 
  • Multiple sensitivity settings.
  • Collar is adjustable for proper fitting. 
  • Uses simple watch batteries. 

Note: The Clix No-Bark Collar is not waterproof. Not every dog will respond to the collar, so make sure it is a good fit before purchase.