Leather Dog Collars

Our Leather dog collars are a favorite of professional trainers, dog handlers, and pet owners. 
J&J Dog Supplies offers top quality leather dog Collars in many styles and colors. 
Our leather dog collar inventory includes leather collars with handles, Braided Leather dog collars, latigo leather, tac-black and burgundy leather, as well as leather collars in such colors as red, purple and gray.

Here is an overview of our best leather dog collars:

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Great quality. Highly recommend.”

Product Features:

This leather collar was originally designed for use with canines in the military.

Wide enough to use with heavy pullers, with stainless steel hardware to withstand breaking or wear, it measures 22" long and 1 1/4" wide with eight holes spaced 1" apart.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Great quality and workmanship.”

Product Features:

Similar in style to our double-layered military spec collar above, this collar features only a single layer of leather for a more stylish and lightwear wear.

It measures 3/16 inch thick and 1 1/4 inches wide. Includes a nickel-plated steel D-ring and buckle.

Measures 22" at its largest size with eight holes set 1" apart for sizing.

Available in burgundy and tac-black, this is an excellent casual leather dog collar.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“I have been searching for a collar of this quality for years. It is just beautiful and the price is just as amazing.”

Product Features:

Beautifully-wound latigo leather is braided for a luxurious look.

Handcrafted from a single strip of our softest leather, it is outfitted with a brass-plated buckle and "D" ring.

The widths listed for the Deluxe Full-Braided Dog Collar refer to the width of the unbraided leather; the braided portion is slightly wider.

Available in rich burgundy or black.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“The quality and workmanship is amazing. My dog wore it for 15 years. Hand stitched design is really cool and authentic.”

Product Features:

Premier Collars are made of top grade English Rein Leather with brass-plated German steel hardware.

This Havana brown leather dog collar has an intricately-stitched design, and quickly softens with use.

Measures 1" wide and 1/4" thick.

A Top Reviewer Says:

“Great for Shepherds. No damage to their guard hairs.”

Product Features:

Our Rolled Leather Buckle Dog Collar prevents a dog’s fur from getting caught, crimped, or ripped in the collar material, so they are especially useful for thick or long-haired dogs.

These collars are a great match with our regular latigo leashes.

Chrome-plated buckles and "D" rings accent the Rolled Leather Buckle Dog Collar for a stylish look.

Product Features:

With quality design and premium comfort, the Double-Layered Handle Collar collar is the go-to choice for off-leash environments.

Comfortable loop handle that won’t squeeze your hand under stress.

Collar is stitched to continuously keep its shape.

Adjusts to fit most necks.

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