Leather Dog Leashes

J&J Dog Supplies offers top quality leather and braided leather dog leashes for sale.
Why buy a leather leash for a dog?
Our leather leashes are made of premium leather hides selected for the thickness and consistency of the leather. Nylon leashes become slippery when wet, can be easily chewed apart, or can retain a mildew smell. Leather leashes are classic and classy.
Why hand-braided or stitched and riveted leash?
J&J Dog Supplies has been hand-braiding leather for decades. Braiding offers a custom look as well as strength, the braiding/stitching process also reinforces critical places near the snap and handle, distributing the stress over a larger area offering years of performance. Buy one leather leash and own it for the life of your dog, knowing he'll look great while out walking or showing, and you've made a smart purchase that will keep him safe and secure, on-leash, for years.
Why Buy From J&J Dog Supplies?
We make expertly-designed leather leashes for any purpose, we offer multi-use leads, leather long lines, traffic leads, waist leads and many more. They're all made right here in the U.S.A. to ensure quality and craftsmanship, are tried-and-true tested by show and competition champions. Whether you need a leash for a short stroll down the street or a jaunt around the ring, J&J has top choices for the best leather leashes.
dog with leash in mouth

Top Reviews:

“It feels so good in the hand and my dog responds well to it.”

“I had a friend of mine let me borrow her leash to try it out for our new German Shepherd Puppy months back. She had her leash for years and it still felt strong, and it helped me control our GS a lot better and the leash wasn't rubbing my hands wrong or slipping.”

“Supple and easy to use.”

Product Features:

Our best handmade leather leash!
The Braided Leather Dog Leash is a handcrafted, Amish-made product, featuring beveled edges and is braided at the handle and snap. Equipped with a durable bronze snap at the end, it provides the most secure connection to your dog's collar. Comes in black or burgundy, at a 3-6’ length.

Top Reviews:

“It feels comfortable in my hands, yet is very strong and built to last.”

“I have the 30+ year old version of this leash, yes, STILL. It is in perfect working order.”

“After applying some leather care products this leash softens beautifully and feels great in your hand.”

Product Features:

Our best ring performance leash!
Standard Obedience Leash is Amish/American-made from a soft, high-quality Latigo leather. The leash is hand cut, stitched and riveted with brass hardware with beveled edges. A perfect high quality lead for training or everyday use.
Available in black and burgundy.
Comes in lengths of 2 foot thru 6 foot with widths: 3/4 inch and 1/2 inch.

Top Reviews:

“Excellent heavy duty leads for great control on walks.”

“Top grade leather, perfect stitching, very professional-looking leash.”

“American Canine Training recommends this specific leash when going through their training courses. It's extremely strong, very comfortable when broken in, and it feels like it will last beyond my training career.”

Product Features:

Our best agitation leash!
One of the strongest agitation leads you can buy. Our craftsmen transform harness leather into this heavy duty leash.
Our Leather Leads are a full 7/8" wide and nearly 1/4" thick, and come with a French Scissor Snap or 1” Bolt Snap.

Top Reviews:

“Excellent quality light weight leather.”

“We do agility and farm work/herding and it is most helpful to be able to handle an individual dog without tangling long lines or leashes. They hold up well and clean up nicely even when wet or muddy.”

“Light weight pull tabs! Perfect for what I needed!”

Product Features:

Used for making the transition to off-lead heeling or great for agility training, our Pull-Tabs are lightweight so your dog "feels" off-leash, but you can reach down and give a leash correction by jerking on the tab. Stylish braided leash at the clip end.

Comes in burgundy latigo leather with a total length of 7 inches.

Best Quality Leather Dog Leash

Top Reviews:

“Heavy duty, reliable classic design used in law enforcement and military K-9 units. I have had a few for a couple of years and I recommend it for anyone who cares about the safety of their dogs and good quality lasting equipment.”

“Absolutely love these leashes. I give them to my new clients as part of my training package, I wouldn’t use any other.”

“It is soft in my hand and smells so good. The leather is supple, I like that it doesn’t have any stitching.”

Product Features:

Our best heavy-duty leash!
This Oiled Leather Leash is treated and tempered to soften, preserve, strengthen and waterproof the leather.
Features Slot Braided ends with a ring in the handle and a brass snap.
Available in Burgundy. Width is 5/8".

Best Multi-Use Leather Dog Leash

Product Features:

The Multi-Use Leather Lead has a variety of uses, from training an excited new puppy to an obedient adult dog.

The two stationary brass D-rings and a floating O-ring give this lead tremendous versatility to use as a waist lead or slip lead, while the thick leather ensures high strength and durability.

D-rings allow for lead lengths of 41", 51", 60" and 72" from one lead.

7/8" wide by 72" long.

Best Soft Leather Dog Leash

Product Features:

This gorgeous, flat-braided leather dog leash is handmade from the finest soft latigo leather. As these leads soften, the braids tighten.

The 30" Flat-Braided Dog Lead is perfect for heeling corrections on a competition dog.

Comes with solid brass snaps.

Colors: Burgundy or black

Comes in 30" and 5' lengths. 

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