FitPAWS Trax Peanut


$86.99 - $109.99

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The FitPAWS TRAX Peanut is a unique training platform specifically designed for your dog! It features an elongated design that is made to simulate a completely dog-specific training platform.  The Peanut shape provides stability for front-to-back and side-to-side movements, and air can be added or released to change the challenge level with an included inflation pump. The FitPAWS Trax Peanut is ideal for your dog’s stability and core training, as well as a touch target or an obstacle training.

Available in Red (50cm), Blue (60cm).

Product Features
  • Unique TRAX™ Surface Prevents Slipping
  • Highly resistant to damage caused by dog nails.
  • Saddle (dipped center) provides optimal stability.
  • Change stability or balance challenge level.
  • Constructed from a professional-grade, heavy-duty PVC Material.
  • Available Sizes/Colors: Red (50cm), Blue (60cm).
  • Inflation pump included.
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Blue, Red