Frontline Plus Flea Control

$52.99 - $55.99
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Recommended by vets and the best defense against fleas and ticks for you and your hunting dog. Frontline Plus not only prevents an infestation before it starts, it kills adult fleas and ticks and destroys the eggs and larvae of the next generation. Frontline Plus is fast acting, long lasting and waterproof. This easy to apply solution kills and protects your pet for 30 days with one application. Each box comes with three applications and is easy to apply. Just part your dog's hair between the shoulder blades, place the opened applicator just above the skin and squeeze the entire contents directly onto your dog's skin. Frontline Plus is available for dogs from 23 lbs to 132 lbs.

Active ingredients
Fipronil 9.8% (kills adult fleas and ticks)
(S)-methoprene 8.8% (destroys eggs and larvae)