Goughnuts Black Toys



Durable Dog Chew Toy | Guaranteed for Life | Great for Power Biters

Goughnuts Black Toys are great for fetch on land or water! Goughnuts are recommended for power biters and come with a lifetime guarantee. Made with special carbon technology rubber, they are designed to handle almost all regular play and rewarding, however, if your dog bites through the outside black wear layer, exposing the red indication layer, Goughnuts will replace your toy. No questions asked. Available in two ring sizes, a stick, and a ball.

Made in the USA, Goughnuts specializes in making durable dog toys that are safe and fun to play with. Each toy is built with a patented safety indicator where green encourages play and red signals to stop. Goughnuts Black Toys can be used for a variety of functions because they are durable, floatable, chewable, rollable, throwable, and recyclable.

Product Features:
  • Great for fetch on land or water
  • Guaranteed for life, if the red indication layer is exposed Goughnuts will replace your toy
  • Recommended for power biters
  • Made with special carbon technology rubber
  • Suitable for dogs 30-70lbs
  • Made in the USA
Available Styles:
  • Black Ring - 1.75" diameter x 5" width
  • Black Stick - 1.75" diameter x 9.75" length
  • Interactive Ball - 3" diameter
Made in USA