Incog Hoodie Treat Pouch™

Ray Allen Manufacturing


Incog Hoodie Treat Pouch | Training Aid | J&J Dog Supplies

Any competition trainer knows equipment fixation or food motivation can be detrimental to a dog’s training progress and a barrier to you creating a partnership. Only having a dog react when a reward is present is counterproductive, and hyperfixation diverts his energy and attention, wasting valuable training time.

Benefits for handler:
  • Curb equipment fixation or food motivation in your dog and create a stronger partnership
  • Hands-free, incognito way to train and keep your dog focused
  • Slides into most hoodies & sweatshirts pockets for easy, front-of-body access
  • Washable and quick to wipe down
Benefits for dog:
  • Dog stays focused on the trainer, not the treat
  • Eliminates lingering smell of treats, prevents greasy residue or crumbs so dog reacts appropriately to the correct stimuli
Product Features:
  • Crafted from tear-resistant Cordura and heavy pack cloth
  • One side for storing treats, with drawstring closure and a console storage side with wide pocket for hiding balls, larger reward toys
  • Pouches available in black, coyote, ranger green, red, and blue
Black, Blue, Coyote, Red, Ranger Green
Made in USA