Invince-a-Bell Unbreakable Plastic Dumbbell

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$24.99 - $36.99
SKU: D310-P

Invince-a-Bell Plastic Dumbbell | Durable | J&J Dog Supplies

For custom size option, please allow 4-6 weeks delivery.

Our Invince-a-Bell Unbreakable Plastic Dumbbell is crafted from high-tech plastic, which absorbs energy to help minimize bounce and improve your dog's overall control. The milk-white Invince-a-Bell Unbreakable Plastic Dumbbell never needs painting, ensuring years of dog competition and training use.


For Invince-a-bell Dumbbell Sizing, click here to view our Dumbbell Sizing PDF or use the following as a guide:

  • Size #1 - 1 3/4" ends, 2" bit width, 3/8" diameter
  • Size #2 - 2 1/4" ends, 2" bit width, 1/2" diameter
  • Size #3 - 2 1/4" ends, 2 1/2" bit width, 1/2" diameter
  • Size #4 - 2 1/2" ends, 3" bit width, 5/8" diameter
  • Size #5 - 3" ends, 3" bit width, 3/4" diameter
  • Size #6 - 3" ends, 3 1/2" bit width, 3/4" diameter
  • Size #7 - 3" ends, 4" bit width, 3/4" diameter

Custom Sizing: If one of our standard sizes of the Invince-a-Bell Unbreakable Plastic Dumbbell does not fit your needs, we offer a customized sizing option for an additional $9.99 per dumbbell. Call us at 800.642.2050 for details. Please allow 4-6 weeks delivery on custom orders.

Product Features:
  • Made from a high-tech plastic, making it virtually unbreakable.
  • Never needs painting.
  • Absorbs energy for less bounce and more control.

AKC Regulations State: The dumbbell, which must be approved by the judge, will be made of one or more solid pieces of wood or non-wooden material similar in size, shape and weight to a wooden dumbbell. They may be unfinished, coated with a clear finish or may be any color.

Made in USA