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$89.99 - $114.99
SKU: 6-D710-P

White Molded Plastic Dumbbells | Volume Price | J&J Supplies

*** Volume savings of over 15%! ***


With volume pricing on our White Molded Plastic Dumbbells, you get a set of six dumbbells at a discounted price! The J&J Molded White Plastic Dog Obedience Dumbbells are truly a new twist to an old favorite. The new textured plastic design ensures that you will no longer need to worry about your dog chewing up wooden dumbbells ever again! Legal for use in all A.K.C. sanctioned matches and trials, these white dog dumbbells are nearly identical to our wooden competition dumbbells in size and shape, just with a  little more weight to them. A slight texture is molded into the surface of the bit, giving your dog a better grip. 

Note: Looking to buy only one dumbbell? Check out our J&J White Molded Plastic Dumbbells. Though these are made from a non-toxic plastic, they are not designed to be a chew toy and should not be left with an unattended dog.

Product Features:
  • Made from non-toxic plastic, more durable than older wooden models. 
  • Slight texture molded in for better grip.
  • Legal for use in all A.K.C. sanctioned matches and trials.
  • Available in four different sizes.

View our easy to follow Dumbbell Sizing PDF to help you properly measure and fit your dog for dumbbells, or use the following as a guide:

  • Toy - 2" ends, 2" bit, 9/16" diameter
  • Small - 2 1/2" ends, 2 1/2" bit, 11/16" diameter
  • Medium - 2 3/4" ends, 3" bit, 13/16" diameter
  • Large - 3" ends, 3 1/2" bit, 15/16" diameter

AKC Regulations State: The dumbbell, which must be approved by the judge, will be made of one or more solid pieces of wood or non-wooden material similar in size, shape and weight to a wooden dumbbell. They may be unfinished, coated with a clear finish or may be any color.

Made in USA